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LEBANON VALLEY BICYCLE COALITION was organized in 2008 to make Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, a better place to bicycle. We work with elected officials and municipal, county and state governments to make certain that new road projects or redesigns consider the needs of bicyclists. We want cyclists to have the necessary skills to be able to bicycle for their transportation, recreation and health. We offer bike rides because we enjoy cycling together. We need you to strengthen our efforts. With your help, we can be more successful. Become a Member or Supporter and especially volunteer your enthusiasm, skills and knowledge. Membership and Supporter Forms can be found in the GET INVOLVED Menu.

Alta Planning + Design Presentations on the Regional Bicycle Connections Study


In spite of the poor weather conditions on January 26th, over 50 persons including 11 LVBC members attended the Alta presentation by Project Manager Melissa Miklus.  Thanks to Lebanon County Planning Department and the GIS staff, there were maps printed for the various segments of the connectivity study region for participants to make recommendations.  The following day, municipal elected  officials and staff from the Townships of Derry, South Londonderry and North Londonderry and Palmyra Borough, Rep. Gingrich, Sen. Folmer, Commissioner Ames, PennDOT District 8 staff including Mike Keiser, County Transportation Planner Jon Fitzkee, Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce CEO Buckler, and LVBC members attended a very early breakfast presentation provided by LVBC.  If we can sustain a collective effort to improve bicycling in our County and Derry Township, this project will be a great win.  Improving the entire corridor between Lebanon County and Harrisburg is a primary goal as well.  Suggestions/recommendations made at these presentations will be used by Alta to revise and complete the study.  In mid February, the almost completed study will be posted on line for review and comment.  We are preparing a list of individuals who want to read the study and those who want to read and will commit to providing their comments.  If you want to be included, email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and indicate which of these “task” you will undertake.





The 2014 LVBC Annual Report is now available. Click here to review it.


Tour de Lebanon Valley – May 30th





Lebanon Valley Volunteers in Medicine Free Health Clinic asked LVBC to join with them to organize a bicycle fundraiser event.   Our partnership has resulted in Tour de Lebanon Valley,  LVBC members will receive a $10 discount if they have become members by April 30th.   Volunteer to help, register to ride, and encourage others to participate in this event.  Your suggestions and ideas are important.  Contact Ron Birch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to share your ideas and to volunteer.  








Electric-assist Bicycles are Legal


Electric-assist bicycles are now legal in Pennsylvania.  The definition for an electric-assist bicycle is that it must have operable pedals, a motor rated at no more than 750 watts (1 hp.), weigh no more than 100 pounds with a speed limit of 20 mph under power.  The bicyclist must be at least 16 years old.    What will be the impact of these bicycles for transportation?  If you ride an electric assist bicycle, share your experiences by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Improving Access to Bicycle Information on  Penn DOT’s  Portal

  It has been brought to our attention by LVBC members  that, the website for PennDOT, does not identify bicycling as part of the comprehensive transportation system.  Nor does it offer any links to bicycling information without searching.   This contrasts sharply with other states such as nearby Maryland,  Member Fred Richter will raise this issue at the March PPAC meeting.  We anticipate that the Central Office Bike/Ped Coordinator will be hired by this time and will be able to address this absence of bicycling (and pedestrian). Bicycling can be found at “other links”.   Another LVBC member provided the graphic, We’re on this Road Together,  that was taken from Maryland’s State Highways site.  We depend on our Members to direct our efforts to improve bicycling at the municipal, county, state and national levels.


LVBC Continues to Make the Case that a County Bike Plan is Needed

  Since 2009, LVBC has requested that LEBCO MPO undertake a county bike plan to assure that bicycling is a safe, convenient means of transportation for residents, neighbors and visitors. The request is identified on the Long Range Transportation Plan but never has received serious consideration to obtain funding.  LVBC Board is now seeking support from cyclists, “want to be” cyclists and others to help us make the case for a countywide bike plan.  Click here to read a Lebanon Daily News article on the issue. Secretary of Transportation Barry Schoch has suggested that LEBCO MPO apply for a grant from the Multi Modal Fund which can provide 70%of the cost of a county bike plan.  Part of the local match can be in kind services such as staff time.  A major planning and design firm has indicated that the estimated cost for a plan is $70,000.  LVBC Board of Directors voted unanimously to contribute $5000 towards the local match.  The Coalition made its case for a county bike plan in our response to the proposed Long Range Transportation Plan. Click here to read.


LVBC Jerseys, Cycling Shorts & More – Order Deadline: February 1


Several members have asked about purchasing LVBC designed bicycle apparel.  Ruth Barley will undertake an order.  There must be a minimum order of 10 items. Ruth can be contacted at 717 838 9716 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to answer questions, take an order,  receive your payment.  We have to calculate  the $35 shipping cost as part of the price for each item.  LVBC is not using this order as a means of raising money. 


      The Tech Short Sleeve or Sleeveless Jersey - $50 

      Cycling Shorts are $60 and the Bib Shorts  -   $66 

      Summer Cycling Shorts -                               $70 

      Summer Bib Shorts -                                     $80  

      The side panels on the Summer shorts are made from   CS Tech Mesh for increased ventilation. 

      Reflective Piping on Rear Pockets is an additional $5. 

      Summer Cycling Gloves are $25 and there must be a minimum order of 10 pairs. 

Sizes “run small”. A woman who normally wears a medium in everything chose Extra Large and a man who usually wears a Large jersey ordered an Extra Large and both fit well. 



  Reach your own conclusions.

Governor-Elect Tom Wolf’s Views on Bicycling 

 During the General Election campaign, Governor-Elect Tom Wolf responded to the questionnaire sent to both gubernatorial candidates.   Governor Corbett did not respond.  Review Wolf’s answers by clicking here.

Please Don’t Count on Luck to be Safe

 A Guest Column in the Gettysburg Times was written by Mark Berg after he barely avoided crashes with bicyclists when driving his car.  Mr. Berg supports Active Transportation and represents AARP at the Keystone Transportation Funding Coalition in Harrisburg.  His descriptions of what two bicyclists did at great risk to themselves are clear reminders that both bicyclists and motorists need to obey traffic laws.   Click here to access the article.


 Randy Neufeld as the Director of the $10 million SRAM Cycling Fund is a leader in cycling advocacy nationally and internationally.   From 1987 to 2009 he served as the Executive Director and then Chief Strategy Officer of Active Transportation, formally known as Chicagoland Bicycle Federation.  He worked in all aspects of cycling promotion including planning, mapping, safety, marketing, design, policy, lobbying and funding.   Learn from Randy’s perspective on effective advocacy by clicking here. 

To learn  about SRAM’s Cycling fund visit

Advocating for safer bicycling (and walking) on Lingle Avenue 

Bicyclists depend on Lingle Avenue to reach many destinations such as connecting to Hersheypark Drive, the Northside Shopping Center and the elementary school.   Also, many bicyclists reside close by Lingle Avenue and must use Lingle.    LVBC prepared a document to explain and illustrate the unsafe conditions and presented this at the June Policy Board meeting of LEBCO MPO.  Read the document by clicking here.   Your assistance in helping us to  get Penn DOT to fix some of the conditions soon can make a difference.  Tell us why you use Lingle Avenue.   If you live in North Londonderry Township, Palmyra, or South Londonderry Township, ask your elected officials to help get action.


LVBC Response and Recommendations  to the 2015-2040  LRTP & TIP for Lebanon County’s Comprehensive Transportation System

Due to a very condensed time period to review and make recommendations to the LRTP (Long Range Transportation Plan) and TIP (Transportation Improvement Program) that covers  the next 25 years, LVBC Executive Board and our non voting representative on the Technical Planning Committee have prepared and approved a response.  It can be read here.     The packet includes the FHWA documents on planning for bicycling as a mode of transportation, federal recommendations for the use of CMAQ funds and  past requests that LVBC has made since 2010.   The TIP/LRTP can be revised during the 25 year span.  However, with the increased funding provided by Act 89, the state  transportation bill,  that bicyclists and bicycle advocacy organizations  worked diligently to get passed by the legislature, the time is now when bicycling and walking, should be clearly shown to be part of the comprehensive transportation system of Lebanon County in the MPOs’ Action items and on the Transportation Improvement Program for 2015-2018.  

The League’s  American Bicyclist Magazines  are a Valuable Resource

  If you are not a member of the League, you can still read their magazine, American Bicyclist.   The publication provides much information including plenty of examples of what is happening for cyclists in the USA and sometimes much father away. 

What you learn may be very “transferable” to Lebanon County no matter which of the 5 Es, Engineering, Education, Enforcement, Encouragement or Equity, is the topic.  Go to  The latest issue is not immediately posted on their website.


Lebanon County Bicycle Transportation Priorities Map

The Priorities Map depicts which state  roads need immediate improvements.  The Map also identifies where signage, Bikes May Use Full Lane and Begin Right Turn, Yield to Bikes, should be installed.  There are recommendations for shared lane markings (sharrows).   You can access the Map by clicking here. 


Providing Mentoring to New and “Returning” Bicyclists

Coalition members will mentor bicyclists who are just starting to bike or returning to this great way to become fit, have fun, and use their bikes for many utilitarian purposes.  If you want an experienced bicyclist to ride with you and offer advice, complete the survey provided on Survey Monkey.

There is also much information available for both adults and youth under the Education section of this website.  These include links to videos.

We also recommend that bicyclists take the League of American Bicyclist Traffic Skills 101 course provided by a League Certified Instructor.  When there are four persons interested in taking the course, we will make arrangements for this full day class that will be offered on a Saturday.   Let us know if you want the class scheduled.  Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..     Read more about the League’s courses.




"When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the human race" - H G Wells




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