2021 Tour de Lebanon Valley Report

The 2021 version of Tour de Lebanon Valley has been by far the best attended ride for this event to date.  The committee is proud to announce that 500 riders participated in the ride which included a metric century, mid level option of 26 or 33 mile ride and a family ride on the Leb. Valley Rail Trail.  Riders have come from several surrounding counties as well as New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia.  It is our honor to showcase the fine history and scenic background that the Lebanon Valley has to offer.

Financially we were able to obtain a main event sponsor (Jonestown Bank & Trust) and along with all the other sponsors and riders Lebanon Valley Bicycle Coalition received $ 11,000.00 as our share of the proceeds.  This money was used in the following manner:

$ 4,000.00  –  The Lebanon Valley Conservancy  – This organization preserves open  air spaces in Lebanon County to maintain our natural beauty.

$ 3,000.00  –   NICA Program –  National Interscholastic Cycling Association  – This organization provides a sporting activity for mountain biking competition for high school students which is an activity that is not sanctioned by the schools.  So far in Lebanon County Lebanon High and Cedar Crest have combined to form a team.

$ 2,850.00  –   Lebanon Bicycle Recycle –  A new start up non-profit group which is a spin off of Lebanon Valley Bicycle Coalition to refurbish bicycles and get them into the hands of younger riders along with safety instructions. The money was specifically used to purchase a wrap for our trailer mobile unit showing the logo on the sides.  This is a joint effort with the (REACH) program from Penn State College of Medicine.

Ron Birch

TdLV committee

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