Broken”   “Every time we take to the open road, we entrust our lives to a safety net of legal protection and basic human decency.  That system has failed.”   David Darlington

With this pronouncement from the author of the article, “Broken“, (Bicycling Jan-Feb, 2008 issue) comes a deeply emotional and troubling account of the deaths and maiming of cyclists.  The cyclists were doing everything right; inattentive and intoxicated motorists ended these cyclists’ lives or destroyed their futures as well as their loved ones’. 

Read what others said in the Letters to the Editor Section in the next issue of Bicycling.

Reading ‘Broken’ was so painful…Now I know my cycling goal for this winter..making sure there is at least one question on the Michigan driver’s license test about sharing the road with cyclists.”

“Darlington’s article was devastating…My heart breaks, and my sense of justice seethes.”

“This article needs to be in Time or Newsweek.  Cyclists don’t need to hear this message; it’s the driving public that does.”

I ferventlly hope that LVBC members and anyone else who reaches our website will take time to read the entire article, “Broken“.  If you are not yet an advocate to pursue cyclists’ greater safety on the roads, I’m betting that you will be when you finish reading. Here’s the link

Pat Krebs

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