There are many  resources  available that provide recommendations and ideas  on how to  implement bicycling education programs or obtain bicycling safely educational materials.   Federal  funding  has  been a major source for producing programs and instructional information.  Some state Departments of Transportation, municipalities, businesses   as well as  non profits have also provided funding.   Many states, cities, advocacy groups have  created  educational materials.  LVBC is dependent on them for helping us in Lebanon County to educate bicyclists and motorists.

Adult bicyclists, parents, grandparents, police officers, teachers, recreation specialists can find help in learning how to drive a bicycle and to develop lessons for children and youth.  Even experienced bicyclists will discover that there are cycling skills that they should learn.  Bicycling education can make bicycling more fun, safer,  and enable motorists to be more comfortable while sharing the road.

This section provides articles, other materials  and  websites that have good resources.   Many  of  these resources, especially, videos, are provided at multiple sites.    It is often easier to do an internet  search directly for a specific item, especially videos due to the varying  quality of production.

You are encouraged to help us keep the websites and information up to date.  Please offer your own thoughts and recommendations for Education.   Articles written by you or others, with their authorization, can be included in this section.

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