The Lebanon Valley Bicycle Coalition was started in the 1980s with an emphasis on recreational bicycling and offered annual fundraising rides, the Tour de Lebanon Valley and No Baloney Century. After several years of inactivity, in 2008, LVBC was reorganized to focus on bicycle advocacy. In addition, there are bicycling activities which are being expanded to include not only rides but mentoring and basic maintenance. LVBC’s Bylaws explain the Coalition’s purposes.

  1. Protect and defend bicyclists’ rights.
  2. Advocate for positive attitudes and public policies that will improve and promote the safety, convenience and acceptance of bicyclists in the Lebanon
  3. Advocate for recognition of the bicycle as a vehicle that is used for many purposes including economical transportation, recreation, personal fitness and
  4. Work with municipal, county and state governments to establish and implement policies and practices that accommodate the needs of bicyclists.
  5. Advocate for local, state and federal legislation related to improving and promoting the safety and accommodation of bicyclists.
  6. Join forces with bicyclists, bike clubs and other relevant groups in Lebanon County, the region and the Commonwealth to help assure that bicyclists have
    a greater voice in making cycling accepted, safe and accommodated.
  7. Educate bicyclists and motorists on road safety.
  8. Develop partnerships and other ties amongst community organizations and businesses in order to achieve mutual goals.
  9. Provide mentoring for new bicyclists and/or new commuters.
  10. Develop scenic bicycling routes in the Lebanon Valley that can be enjoyed by local bicyclists and touring bicyclists.
  11. Provide bicycling opportunities for LVBC members who want to participate in Club rides.
  12. Provide opportunities for bicyclists to network with other bicyclists. Whether you are a bicyclist or a non-bicyclist, we hope that you will perceive
    value in our purposes and join LVBC.
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