This page has a list of scenic bicycle rides based on themes related to the Lebanon Valley’s geography, culture and history.  There are narratives followed by descriptive cue sheets that provide information on what cyclists are viewing.  LVBC has developed ten rides covering different  areas of the Lebanon Valley.  In addition, a cue sheet (without a narrative or map) is included for a century perimeter ride of Lebanon County.  This ride uses many of the roads from the narrative rides.  

The Lebanon County Scenic Bicycle Rides Map shows possible connections between some of the rides to enjoy more miles of cycling as well as how to shorten a ride.  

Users of any of these rides assume the risks that come with riding bicycles on public roads.  

If when cycling one of our scenic routes, you find a hazardous road condition, a detour/closed road or an error in our cue sheet, please advise us so that we can make corrections.  It is important that the rides be as “hassle free” as possible.  Thank you.  

Ride List:  The rides have  two  separate links, a descriptive cue sheet link and a separate map link.  Loading of  a map  takes 10-15 seconds. 

1.  Coleman Legacy (33 miles)     Map 

2.  Amish Mennonite Farmland (35 miles)      Map  

3.  Lebanon’s Gaps and Valleys (31 miles)     Map  

Gaps and Valleys: Coulter Road has been closed by Fort Indiantown Gap for security reasons. LVBC asks bicyclists using are maps continue straight on Fisher Asher Minor Road which is on the loop ride as cyclists return to the start.    Walmer Church and cemetery can be accessed by turning  left off Fisher Road  after the traffic signal intersection, onto Biddle Road.  Take  a second left onto Coulter Road.   Reverse your ride.  It is a mid 19th century church and the cemetery is 18th century. 

4.  Preserved Farmland Loop (14 miles)     Map  

5.  Cycling Lebanon Valley Vistas (36 miles)   Map 

6.  Silos, Spires and Soaring Bird(27 miles)    Map  

7.  Preserving the Lebanon Valley’s Heritage and Lands (27 miles)     Map  

8.  Horses and Creeks (30 miles)   Map    

9.  Union Canal and the Swatties (33 miles)   Map   

10. Lebanon’s Historic Gems (8 miles)   Map 

11. Lebanon County Perimeter:   Memorial Lake Start (100 miles)        Middle Creek Start (102 miles)   

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